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Which Is The Best Affiliate Link Testing Tool

This is really a good question. Because affiliate testing tool has many advantages, and it is necessity for businesses which are using affiliate marketing.

In my opinion, it’s really hard to manage and keep track of all the affiliate links which you’re trying to promote by running different marketing campaigns.

It can even be worse that you may notice your all traffic and efforts are gone to waste because of a broken link.

Actually, there are some affiliate link testing tools that you can get benefit from.

But if you want to use an affiliate test linking tool, you need to find a really comprehensive tool that includes many features.

By using an affiliate link testing tool, you need to be able to monitor the following –

  • Track the roadmap of your link and whether if your affiliate link is working or not
  • Choose periodic (daily, monthly etc.) interval to monitor your affiliate link
  • Get notified via some platforms to be sure that everything is going well
  • Get rid of broken links and let your affiliate link testing tool to test all of your links regularly

So, now the question is, what type of affiliate link testing tool will I use?

Well, I would personally go with Clickmeter.

It records clicks of visitors from and inside a site, and allows you to check real-time status along with information such as unique clicks or referring URL.

Through ClickMeter, you can easily have customizable tracking links, track PPC or banner campaigns, and analyze the performance social media marketing strategies.

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It helps in Data Collection and Tracking. Each time a link is clicked, the visitor will be redirected to the original page.

When the redirect, ClickMeter gets vital data such as the source (website, blog, facebook) from where the user came from, the location of the visitor, platform, browser, unique click or not, language and mobile device.

These details are shown in real time! which is something that many other popular tracking tools do not offer.

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ClickMeter allows tracking conversions, commission amount, custom parameters, product IDs, and conversion value.

You will be able to filter for your conversion tracking strategy such as free and paid subscription (Conversion Tracking).

Here I have posted a video about How to Create a Tracking Link with ClickMeter

With ClickMeter, you can check all stats and watch all clicks at the moment without touching the code of your site.

You will be able to analyze the users clicking on your links so that they can be directed to the most relevant pages for maximum conversions.

ClickMeter has the feature to detect suspicious fraud activities.

Click fraud detection is a must have feature for any facebook, twitter or PPC campaigns campaign.

You may get notices on fraudulent clicks and tweak settings in your campaign in order to improve ROI.

Hope this helps!

Over to you!

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