What are a Few Good Strategies to Increase YouTube Subscribers

What are a Few Good Strategies to Increase YouTube Subscribers
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I feel before you think about increasing your YouTube Subscribers, you need to have the right YouTube Marketing Strategy.

Here are a few effective YouTube Marketing Strategies

  • Create simple “how to” videos that “engage” your buyer persona.
  • Focus on searchability and discoverability i.e. keyword research + SEO optimization.
  • Build up an audience on the platform and funnel back to the website with incentives & offers.

“Watch Time” is the most important metric on YouTube.

Before, the number of “views” on a video drove its discoverability and rank.

Now, YouTube suggests videos in search and recommendations based on “watch time”. Put simply, YouTube will your promotional videos if they keep users engaged.

This metric is key to the success of your YouTube marketing strategy. Keep it in mind as you go through the next steps.


Now, let’s talk about getting more Subscribers for your YouTube Channel

Subscribers are critical to your success on YouTube:

  • Subscriber helps you get you those critical initial views as soon as you post a video.
  • Subscribers watch more than anyone else. Remember ‘Watch Time” is golden.

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers?


Here are some effective strategies:

  • Set a goal to for your channel subscribers: 100,1000,10,000, 1M or 10M!
  • Increase subscribers numbers with a call to action at the end of the video.

Also, I would like to share with you a Bonus tip to increase your YouTube Subscribers by 400%.

  • Prompt your users to subscribe to your channel when you mention your YouTube channel in emails, link to YouTube from your website or any social media profile.
  • Just add this small parameter (?sub_confirmation=1) at the end of your channel URL to show this pop up:
  • Note, this particular trick will only work on user pages or channel pages, not on links for each video.


To recap, increasing subscribers should be part of your YouTube Marketing Strategy because it will ultimately help you drive more website traffic.

Hope this helps!

Over to you!

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