Top Affiliate Marketing Trends to Check Out in 2019

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends to Check Out in 2019
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Affiliate marketing has been at the grassroots level for years, especially with regard to targeting.

New tools and integrations have been developed and are emerging to change the channel.

Also, know as partner marketing or referral marketing, affiliate marketing trends has evolved in recent years, creating a buzz not only within the digital marketing space but also among current and potential customers of agencies.

The pay-performance model (cost per action or prospect/sale/call) makes the affiliate an attractive channel for customers who want to expand their digital presence while mitigating the risk.

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Here are top affiliate marketing trends in 2019 that we can expect to see as the subsidiary continues to gain market share in the digital world.

Reputation is Everything

Everyone uses the Internet to evaluate the companies and products they offer.

Affiliates are not different in aspect, because of the large number of scams that circulate.

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends to Check Out in 2019
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So, if you are an affiliate marketer, promoting dubious business, people will avoid your content.

The same goes for companies that do not hold their share of the market when building your affiliate program.

Even if you offer great packages, if your services do not bring the promised quality, it is likely that affiliated professionals will avoid you like the plague.

Mobile Platforms

The age of online shopping is progressively giving way to considerable space for mobile platforms.

IOS and Android users like to look for the next novelty of the market by tapping on their phones.

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends to Check Out in 2019
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It is more comfortable and businesses know it.

For example, affiliate marketing programs often include applications that help marketers track their leads and performance.

The ramp-up of applications will encourage referring entrepreneurs to create content adapted to readers using mainly telephone devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer the future; it’s already a reality and must be part of your marketing strategy.

Chabot is the most common form of artificial intelligence implementation.

They allow companies to maintain customer service without having to invest horrors in the service industry.

They respond more quickly, to answer any common questions of the use than of the human being.

They can be integrated with websites and email applications like Facebook Messenger, the most used software in digital marketing.

Speaking of Facebook Messenger, watch this cool video on How you can Make $100 a Day with Messenger Bots in Your Affiliate Marketing Business

The Rise of Retail Affiliate Programs

Retailers are finding more and more that affiliate marketing is a very useful advertising tool.

Thus, 2019 will be seeing businesses selling tapping affiliates online to build a large customer base.

More importantly, affiliate advertising is heavily performance-oriented, with the main measure of the desired action of buying a product.

To be honest, this particular point is closely related to reputation, as blogs/website promoting a specific retailer.

Providing misrepresentations can hurt both the advertised companies and affiliate marketers.

That’s said, joining an affiliate network makes it seamless to market your program and bring on affiliate partners.

If that sounds right for you, a few of the top retail affiliate networks to consider include ShareASale, Rakuten Marketing, and FlexOffers.

Affiliated Agencies – A New Trend in 2019


Top Affiliate Marketing Trends to Check Out in 2019
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Currently, most affiliate marketers are individuals seeking passive income that will not need much time and effort.

However, this particular advertising channel is experiencing unprecedented growth and is attracting the attention of several companies.

The reason is quite simple; the more employees you have, the more you can cover a significant number of companies and sectors.

Revenue can be quite large if you have professionals who support the job.

Thus, we expect an increase in the number of affiliated agencies worldwide.

Speaking of Affiliated Agencies, if we look at the travel niche market, you have travel affiliate agencies such as Agoda, Airbnb, Qatar Airways Global Travel Boutique, Expedia, etc.

Facebook will be an Important Channel


Social media is always a good start for affiliate concerts.

However, Facebook is gaining importance due to a large number of potential customers who are active there.

Many companies have opened a Facebook page, advertising their products directly to customers.

Affiliate marketing would, therefore, rely more on this channel in the coming period.

It would be wise to base much of your content on the social media platform, no matter what sector you offer.

Recruiting Niche Partners becoming Complex Enough

For companies, it will be increasingly essential to choose reference partners offering attractive content.

Simple lead generation would become obsolete as customers had to filter a large amount of information.

For affiliates, this means that a combination of SEO tools is needed, including a website with blogs, reviews, and other services.

Reputation is essential, with known endorsers having the greatest chance of success.

Diversification of Affiliate Marketing Products

With new tools available every day, beginners have more time to diversify their content in different sectors.

Tracking results, evaluating SEO content and creating effective programs is a must.

As a result, various new software solutions are now readily available, saving time and providing correct analysis.

Unilink is one of these solutions for affiliate marketers.

It offers a unique database while taking into account different indicators of the industry.

Its use will help you to understand what types of keywords work in different sectors.

It can also identify problems that would be invisible if different markets have their parameters.

To Conclude…

I firmly believe that 2019 will be a year of change for affiliate marketers and businesses who want to use it.

Reputation and attractive programs will be the backbone of a successful relationship as they define the programs that will be successful.

In addition, a wider diversification of products leads to the creation of affiliate agencies, which puts pressure on marketers.

I, therefore, recommend that you start preparing these trends to get the most out of your affiliate marketing business.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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