Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019

Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
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If you are someone like me who likes to travel most of the time, then this post is definitely for you to read.

Many bloggers simply love to travel and be like digital nomads. This is a cool way to experience new cultures and make new friends around the world. Not to mention, get that relaxed lifestyle and enjoy different cuisines.

If you a travel blogger, then being tied up with some of the highest paying affiliate travel programs is a must for you to earn some high commission and live that passive income lifestyle.

In this post, I shall talk about a few of my selected high paying travel affiliate programs to help you make more money and the best part is you can join them for free!

Let’s start with the basic question first.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a straightforward method of earning commission by promoting a product on your website or social media page.

In other words, you earn by promoting a company or a person’s product. It’s an easy way to earn passive income. Just sign up for a program, but the links of the product on your site or social media page and watch your income grow from the purchases through your links.

Unfortunately, there are certain creases in the details of Affiliate Marketing that must be ironed out for you to truly appreciate the process and start earning significant income from it.

Here are some pitfalls that you must avoid:

  • Avoid Ponzi schemes for buying expensive coaching from so-called experts who do not know anything;
  • Never buy seemingly easy courses but when you read and study them carefully, they turn up to be a complete waste of money and time;
  • Please do not get into training schemes that promise secrets to success and only end up as old ideas that you already know.

Here are my Top 5 Best Travel Affiliate Programs to Earn Big Commissions in 2019

#1 Agoda

agoda 1024x518 - Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
  • Save is one of the fastest-growing online hotel platforms worldwide, listing hundreds of thousands of hotels and providing services in 38 different languages.

Agoda offers you over 925,000 places to stay around the world, giving you plenty of opportunities and recommendations to choose from. You can select any type of hotel based on their budget preference and customize your hotel facilities and amenities.

Agoda’s in-home affiliate program is open for everyone to join. But, here’s the catch, you need to have your website or a blog to promote Agoda either as a banner advertisement or just simply, writing a product review.

The approval is manual and takes anywhere between 48-72 hours.

If we look at the Agoda affiliate targeting locations, affiliates are seeing great results in South East Asia, Europe, the United States, and North Asia.

So, what’s in me as an Agoda Affiliate Partner? Well, you shall receive the following benefits –

  • Up to 60% commission on margin.
  • Offers search box, text links and data feeds.
  • Use hotel power ads to increase your revenue by 3x.
  • The minimum payout is $200
  • Payment is given out directly to your bank account.

Click here to Join Agoda’s Affiliate Program here.

#2 Airbnb

airbnb - Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
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Now, I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy traveling and booking my accommodation with Airbnb. It’s just awesome!

I get to meet new people and get a chance to meet the hosts. It’s a great cultural experience for me and making some good friends along the way.

So, what’s Airbnb? Founded in 2008, Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where people can belong when they travel.

Now, Airbnb offers a cool referral program where you can earn $15 for each host you refer to place a listing with Airbnb. Not, to mention, as a host you could be earning anywhere from $250-$1200 per month with a single listing. Imagine that!

airbnb1 - Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
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You even have an option to create your custom links as per your preference to make it look more professional.
airbnb2 1024x444 - Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
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A sample version of creating your custom link

A few highlights to take away from here –

  • Easy to share a referral link as an Airbnb user.
  • A well-known name in the travel industry.
  • Good for travel income.

You may also wish to try out their Airbnb app on your Android or iOS phone platform. It’s convenient to use and very simplified.

Click here to Become an Airbnb Host and Refer Others to be Hosts.

#3 Hotwire

Now for many of you who don’t know what is Hotwire, well, it’s a discounted travel site that offers ridiculously low prices.

Hotwire has exclusive contracts with major travel providers to help them fill airline seats, hotel rooms, and rental cars that would otherwise be unsold.

Whether you’re looking for awesome hotel deals at your favorite travel sites, unsold rooms, or a wallet-friendly rate that fits your budget, Hotwire offers more than 173,000 hotels throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Below is a snapshot of the Hotwire Program information –

hotwire - Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
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Joining the Hotwire Affiliate Program is easy and free. You simply need to create an account with them and get access to a variety of text links and banner ads embedded with your unique affiliate ID.

Hotwire provides you with a dedicated affiliate marketing team helping you to ensure that you have the right tools to be successful.

Click to join Hotwire’s Affiliate Program here.

#4 Qatar Airways Global Travel Boutique (Worldwide Flights)

chuong trinh khuyen mai global travel boutique cua qatar airways - Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
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Qatar Airways has grown to have more than 150 destinations worldwide, offering unmatched levels of service excellence that have helped excel the award-winning career to become the best in the world.

Qatar Airways offers a fantastic affiliate marketing program. Thanks to their high-converting website, attractive fares and rapidly expanding the global network, it is now easier for you as an affiliate to monetize your site traffic, at zero cost, as a Qatar Airways affiliate.

Qatar Airways Affiliate Program is a performance-based wherein an affiliate can promote Qatar Airways on their website/blog, redirect users to their Qatar Airways website, generate sales and earn commissions.

Is the Qatar Airways Affiliate Marketing Program open to all types of affiliates?

You will be happy to know that the Qatar Airways Affiliate Marketing Program is open to all types of affiliates, i.e., promote their affiliate links with content marketing, display, metasearch, email, cashback, promo, and voucher code. In short, anyone with an active online property with good traffic is eligible to become a Qatar Airways Affiliate. But, this does not mean you will be working directly with Qatar Airways.

You will be working through one of their Affiliate Marketing Partners.

How to sign-up for the Qatar Airways Affiliate Marketing Program?

Signing-up with the Qatar Airways Affiliate Program is very simple and it’s Free to Join. You just need to fill up a simple registration form.


qatar1 - Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
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Qatar Airways Affiliate Program Registration Form

Qatar Airways Affiliate Program works on a CPA (Cost Per Action) and CPS (Cost Per Sale) model where you will be paid on the sales you generate.

I am also well aware that MaxBounty CPA Network also offers this type of affiliate offer for Qatar Airways and they offer you a $15 per lead commission for a completed booking. Not to mention, I am also an affiliate member of the MaxBounty CPA Network Club :-)

qatar2 - Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
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Here Max Bounty CPA Network offers its affiliate a $15 per lead commission for anyone who does a complete booking

After getting approved with the Qatar Airways Affiliate Program which usually takes 3 working days for your application to be processed and approved, the Qatar Airways Marketing Partner will be your point of contact. To add, they will provide you with the creatives to promote their Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

These creatives would be in the form of banner ads, contextual links, text links and more.

Click here to join the Qatar Airways Global Travel Boutique 


#5 Flight Mojo (US & Canada Only)

Flights Mojo - Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers in 2019
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Flight Mojo is a small mid-sized company that sells its products and services in the airline vertical offering discounts and promo codes to its customers frequently.

Flight Mojo has a good amount of rating from

Find flights at Flight Mojo for all your domestic and international flights in a minute.

Once again, MaxBounty CPA Network offers an exclusive CPA offer for Flight Mojo.

As an affiliate, you will receive $16.50 per lead for any of your customers doing a completed booking provided they register and sign up under your affiliate link. Offer converts on flight purchases departing from the US or Canada.

To join more affiliate program travel offers, do sign up with MaxBounty and Peerfly CPA Networks.


If you have not joined any of the above-listed travel affiliate programs, you should do that right away!

Note: The above travel affiliate programs are my recommendations and I’m in No Way Affiliated with them as an employee. These are free travel affiliate programs to join.

I am well aware that there are many other Travel Affiliate Programs out there in the market. So, do let me know of any other popular affiliate programs for the travel niche that you would like to recommend to other travel bloggers.

Hope this helps,

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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