The Affiliate Hub Blog Guest Posting Guidelines

The Affiliate Hub Blog Guest Posting Guidelines
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Want to write for The Affiliate Hub Blog?

For me, Guest Blogging is a great way to establish your Author brand awareness and get yourself known by several readers on my blog.

For us to publish your blog post you must carefully read the below guidelines which will allow you to understand the process and standard of quality we expect from your articles which shall be reviewed and posted on our blog.

After reading this page you can submit your guest blogging request here

The Process to be Approved

We expect the article topic posts which you shall contribute to our blog are the topics should be something that you are passionate about and have expertise and experience with.

The topics which shall contribute shall be revolving around selected topics, namely, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Financial, Make Money Online, Social Media and Self Development.

After you submit your suggested topic (submit 2-3 article drafts for a topic), we will then evaluate your topic and content and provide you certain feedback with the goal of finalizing a topic you can then write about.

Once the topic has been decided it’s up to you to write a compelling article that meets our quality guidelines stated below.

Once your draft is submitted we shall review the article and ask you to submit 3-4 different headlines for the chosen topic.

You may wish to use BuzzSumo for testing out which headline works best for your article post.

Guidelines for Your Articles

It’s very important to take into account that your article must be a unique post and not published anywhere else.

Your article post should not look Spammy and in any way not look promotional.

You are free to link to your website in the body of your article text if it’s contextually relevant.

We are looking for Guest Posters whose articles are unique and have that “X” Factor element in their article content.

You have an option to write anywhere between 500-1000+ words and educational in style.

You need to provide value to our readers and something which our readers can take away after reading your articles.

Here are a few good examples –

Another requirement is to make sure that your article content is well structured, proofread and grammatically correct.

Note: You may wish to use short sentences, short paragraphs, simple words, bullet points and using subtitles.

Your proofread article draft submission should be emailed to us in a WordPress or Google docs format with visual ready to enter into WordPress.

We have the right to remove links and edit the content for readability before final publication of your article post.

Submit your guest posting blogging request here

Hope this helps!

Sujoy, Founder of the Affiliate Hub Blog

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