Social Media Marketing: Three Ideas to Promote Your Brand at Christmas

Social Media Marketing: Three Ideas to Promote Your Brand at Christmas
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Holidays, naturally, is the best time for consumers to shop until they drop that we, the marketers/ Make Money Onliners (MMOers) would rather not to miss out. However, amidst highly aggressive campaigns over social media that your competitors may carry on, standing yourself out and being on top of them demands a proven methodical way of conduct.

So how to promote your brand (as well as boost sales) on social media during Christmas properly? Let’s examine a few of our suggestions on how to take the season by storm, rather than casually gun a hit-and-run campaign then get it underwhelmed at last.

Before we start, it is noteworthy that not a single idea for a successful social media marketing campaign comes from thin air, rather from audiences’ insight that you have well acquired.

As being said, your market niche is your asset: the better you get to know them, the higher possibility you win their heart (and earn their dollars). Therefore, in the theme of spiritual occasions, feel free to unleash your creativity while tweaking these ideas on social media when Christmas arrives.

Wisely Employ the Universal Sentiment of Christmas on Social Media

Yes, it must be a rule of thumb when we are doing so, you may say. Nonetheless, it is not simply posting a random “Merry X’mas” card on your wall and hope people over the world to praise you like the Santa Clause.

A greeting is good, but imagination makes it last. The key here is to pick a heart-touching topic and let your story evolved yet spiced up subtly with your brand/ product ingredient.

Which topic, have you asked? It depends on your (audiences’) region and religion that it may slightly vary, but we can assure the example below will be the savory dishes on the table for those who are hungry for Christmas.

petcube - Social Media Marketing: Three Ideas to Promote Your Brand at Christmas
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                                                       Example of 12 days of Christmas idea – by courtesy of Petcube

Who hasn’t listened to the song ‘12 days of Christmas’? The lyric stays fresh, and the mood stays a new on every Christmas season.

Furthermore, it is easier to improvise, as well as to harmonize the numerical pattern of 12 days with a promotion campaign on social media, than to shoot a single-event based advertisement that threatens to be in the flush, as you don’t make the conversation last long enough (while your competitors do).

Try to input what you can offer over the 12 days in a row (prizes giveaway/ special discounts/ limited-edition of product/ valuable tips…).

As long as your campaign is given a human touch and you are not losing in the margin, the contents shall go viral and your audiences will give it a hit. It is time to be creative and cheerful with Christmas fun.

Hashtag-ize your Campaign in Association with Users-Generated Content (UGC) on Social Media

Here is the good stuff!! Beyond what you can cover in your posts, the contents from those that made by fans count the most and may do wonders since they incredibly deliver engagement and expose your brand out in the wild.

You can hardly ask for more as this outcome builds credibility and ensures loyalty. Let’s see them in action through an actual example.

starbucks - Social Media Marketing: Three Ideas to Promote Your Brand at Christmas
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Courtesy of Starbucks Instagram Page

A noticeable hashtag will allow you quickly to collect user-generated content to display on their social media profiles, as well as easily track your results once the campaign is taking place. The result is undeniable; however, the question that left is how to make your audiences to commit taking part in your campaigns as you expect?

Again, read over their insights on social media, try to ignite a trend/ offer something cool related to your brand that your audiences can’t resist involving, then gamify it within a festive context that can be shaped in various forms of initiative (photo contest/ poll running…).

Just don’t forget to come up with a unique hashtag on social media for this purpose and watch your followers work towards raising awareness about your great deals.

Cross-Promotion Offering on Social Media

This term (and method) is more often used by marketer and MMOers nowadays. The beauty of cross-promotion is to compensate a vacant feature (if any) – as well as fulfill the complete expectation of audiences – or simply add more value towards products of both (or multiple) parties.

In other words, you and your partner(s) are committing in sharing the common audiences to take advantage of. This is the win-win situation that can help you to reach a massive audience and deliver your social media impact (so does your partner).

There are several ways to conduct cross-promotion, not only on social media but also in a real life, if applicable. If you are given a chance to meet your customers in person, we strongly suggest you do so.

In the instance of having a physical address and an agreeable partnership, you may consider hosting an event with your partner(s) that makes your customers happy to present and socialize as you all wish to.

citi - Social Media Marketing: Three Ideas to Promote Your Brand at Christmas
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Example of Cross Promotion Marketing – Courtesy Citi Official Instagram Page

(Even if your invitees might not be available, you can always live stream about this event on a social media platform like Facebook to create a similar vibe and generate some holiday excitement.)

In the other case, you may learn some ways to do cross-promotion on social media as an example below.

gambith - Social Media Marketing: Three Ideas to Promote Your Brand at Christmas
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Example of Cross-promotion offering – by courtesy of Gambitthefrenchie

You can do a huge discount/ giveaway package, depending on what you and your partner(s) can afford to give. People tend to be on the lookout for this kind of stuff on social media at this time of the year.

Just to keep in mind: What do you want to accomplish by having a giveaway? Are you looking for a brand ambassador, to raise brand awareness or to grow an email list? Think about these things when determining what you’ll give away and who/ how you partner with.

There you had three ideas of immediately promote your brand (as well as boosting sales) on social media when Christmas arrives. They are effective proven and practically advisable.

Here is a cool video which I found talking about Should Your Brand Go All-in for Christmas using Social Media Platforms by Social Media Minute with Jan Rezab –

As a great time to take advantage of growing business opportunities is coming, we believe in your talent of creating a festive mood, enhancing branding taste and getting your audiences satisfied over social media.

(In case you are a newbie in MMO industry and don’t know where to start, we recommend you to steal the ideas from The best way to make money online, as the fresh start to move further in your career of being an excellent internet marketer.)

Wishing you all an advance Merry Christmas, and enjoy a big success on social media.

Over to you!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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