Social Media Marketing 2019 (New Year, New Strategies for Your Success)

Social Media Marketing 2019 (New Year, New Strategies for Your Success)
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Here is what you need for your success in Social Media Marketing Strategies for your Success 2019.

So, the year of 2019 has arrived, carrying freshness and possibilities to life. As a professional digital marketer, I consider this is a great time to review past events and plan to start something new.

Though what constitutes effective social media strategy may vary upon a specific business domain, but throughout examining our own cases and studying the latest social media trends, I have sorted out the following key factors that matter the most for your social media strategy determination. Let’s go through and learn how to stay ahead of the curve in 2019.

Always Audit the Current Social Media Performance First

Before considering what this year’s social media marketing strategy is, it’s crucial that you gain an in-depth understanding of your brand’s social performance in the previous year.

And even if lately your social media strategies have proven successful, you should always think that there’s always room for further improvement.

The best way to identify areas of improvement is to master your social analytics. Look carefully at the metrics from each social channel so you can see where and how you have generated leads, driven traffic to your website, pushed social follows, and increased conversions.

You definitely can use that information to adapt your social media strategy according to what engages your audience the most.

socialmedia2019 - Social Media Marketing 2019 (New Year, New Strategies for Your Success)
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Social Media Strategy 2019: Example of Facebook Insight Report


Update Your Audience Personas

Undoubtedly, you have collected and built a sizable fanbase/ follower group. However, demographically, your audiences may not stay the same year by year. Although growing them is crucial, but you better head up for a mindset changing among your audiences as time goes by. Some likely opt out, while others are newly recruited.

Thus, always do the audit on the course of strategy establishment, and research the market to portrait your different target audiences, finding out where they all hang out on social media, what content they are engaging with, and more.

The insights gleaned from your audience personas should be used to tailor your social media marketing strategy and help you to develop a connected one to ensure you engage with all valuable target audiences.

Audience personas should inform content creation, marketing campaigns, ad targeting, and more to ensure conversions against your goals.

socialmedia2019 2 - Social Media Marketing 2019 (New Year, New Strategies for Your Success)
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Social Media Strategy 2019: Understanding your Audiences


Produce diversified content types on different platforms

It can be easy to find yourself only posting pictures on Instagram or short tweets to Twitter. Yet, on most popular social media platforms, you can and should post various types of content including blog posts, videos, photos, infographics, and more. Why?

For one thing, producing the same content type endlessly can bore your audience, which would keep you from reaching your goals. The same outcome if you produce a content type that only resonates with a portion of your audience or, worse yet, that doesn’t resonate at all.

That’s also the reason I suggest you to constantly study and update your audience personas.

Freshen your Look

The best part of the new year start is the opportunity for a fresh beginning. Your audience is already excited about their own clean slates; build on that excitement by giving them fresh visuals. This can be as simple as a new cover photo across all your social media profiles, or as advanced as updating your brand’s logo completely.

It may depend on what works in the context of your brand. But whatever the context is, give at least a small visual element of your social media strategy an upgrade to tap into your audience’s excitement for the new year.

Try Something New

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I personally believe, experimentation is always a great way to advance your social media strategy. You don’t know if something is right for you until you try it, and as this 2019 New Year is all about taking risks.

Is there a social media platform you don’t currently use for your brand? Try it! New ways of blogging you’ve never tried before? Give them a go!

It’s time to take that leap and see how it works for you in 2019.

Increased Humanization

People respond strongly to people. By humanizing your brand on social media, you can make your social media strategy that much more effective.

Remember how exciting it was when you get an alert that someone has retweeted you, liked your post, or shared with their network? As marketers, we strive for it and feed off the engagement, and we aren’t alone. We do so much work to create engaging content and forget to engage with our audience.

instagram growth en - Social Media Marketing 2019 (New Year, New Strategies for Your Success)
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Sample Community Growth on Instagram

Try to like, comment, or retweet a post from your followers, or even initiate an influencers marketing campaign. Tap into that. You might learn a little something about your audience you didn’t know before, and the reward will be worth it.

Experiment, Review, and Repeat

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As you can see, there is much to consider for your 2019 social media marketing strategy, from using the periodic data of social media audit to find key information on your social media performance, your audience personas, and your courage of change. This will ensure that you are well placed to create a precise, workable, and goal-driven social marketing strategy moving forward.

However, keep in mind, the world evolves; so do the social media platforms, users/ audiences, as well as your strategies. Therefore, it’s not less important to keep everything on track and adapt your plan according to what may be factored in the success of your social media strategy in 2019.

Now, over to you!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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