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Quick Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Personally, I strongly feel the best ways to increase your affiliate sales would be to create an Opt-in page which should look attractive and appealing for your visitors to register themselves for free, like filling in details of their name and their email address.

The second option I feel would be to just create a basic opt in page and give them instant access to download a FREE Value eBook related to your niche and ensure to insert your affiliate product links as a resource content in your FREE eBook.

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Let’s say, I downloaded your Free eBook and I really enjoyed reading the content of your eBook.

You may wish to include a Sales Pitch statement, like, “Interested in being a Super Affiliate? Learn More the Proven Strategies…”. You know what I mean?

Below, I have illustrated a snapshot of a Simple Attractive Opt-in Page by Anik Singal from Lurn Inc. 

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This should be followed by a Thank You Page.

Now, you may ask Why is a Thank You Page Important?

Well, in my opinion, it’s important to create a separate Thank You Page as a token of showing your gratitude to your visitor for registering his/her personal details and also the fact, you will now be in a position as an Affiliate Marketer to create a good rapport with your lead and that fact your chances of promoting, upselling and selling your affiliate offers with these signed up leads are very high.

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Now many of you would be asking me, how can I create a stunning opt-in page, a.k.a. landing page.

Well, you can use platforms such as Clickfunnels to create beautiful attractive opt-in pages. The best part is Clickfunnels has a 14-day trial offer and if you are happy with their service, it will then cost you $97 per month.

Below is a video which I have put on How Easy it is to Set Up A ClickFunnels Opt-In Page (Sales Funnel) as little as 15 minutes..

After, your leads have signed up in your opt-in page, you also need to have an auto-responder in place to send out weekly newsletter with your affiliate offers.

I prefer to use Aweber platform. Aweber offers your a 1 month free trial and after that you get billed $19 for up to 500 subscribers.

Remember, with Aweber you would be only paying more when you are profiting from a growing subscriber base over 500 subscribers.

I guarantee you, if you follow the above given strategies which I have laid down for you, you will be increasing your affiliate sales in no time. This according to me are the best ways to increase your affiliate sales.

Note: This is just one proven strategy which I have shared with you. You may wish to experiment with other proven strategies from other Affiliate Marketing Gurus. This is just my personal intake!

Over to you!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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