5 Mistakes to Avoid when Locating a Blog Niche

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Locating a Blog Niche
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Most newbie bloggers think that finding a niche only involves searching for the keywords with a high search volume and level of competition by using the Google Keyword Planner or SEM Rush Keyword Tool.

If you are seeking a niche this way you are then skipping out on the bigger picture and you might be committing mistakes.

Let me explain why is this so?

To be honest, finding a niche requires more than keyword research.

In finding a niche, a frequent mistake most newbie bloggers make is that they depend too much on search volume and competition scores as if it is their holy grail of niche research.

Later they wonder why their niche site is not getting traffic.

Don’t fall into the snare.

Listed below are the 5 Mistakes to avoid when locating a blog niche –

#1 Mistake: Failing to Understand what your Buyers Really Want?

There are a few niches where traffic comes largely from freebie seekers.

If you are developing a blog and hoping to monetize it to earn money with affiliate commissions and ad clicks, then you may need to focus on what your buyers really want and then focus on that niche.

#2 Mistake: Not Drilling Down to Your Niche Level

Let’s say you want to create a blog niche topic about dog training.

It turns out that dog training is really a broad topic even if it is considered a niche by itself.

dog2 - 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Locating a Blog Niche
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Dog Training (Broader Niche Term) Search on Google

After some careful analysis, I realized that this niche could be divided up into dog-breed specific markets where we can expect more targeted traffic.

dog3 - 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Locating a Blog Niche
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Search Result Volume for the keyword term ‘Poodle Puppy Training’

#3 Mistake: Selecting a Niche without Analyzing its Competition

Jumping into a niche without properly analyzing its competition can be an expensive affair when you later realize that you have jumped into the water full of sharks (large gun opponents) or you have jumped into the water without any fish in it (clients).

wedding - 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Locating a Blog Niche
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Low-High Competition for Wedding Dress niche market

The basis of locating a niche is carving out a smaller yet lucrative segment of the marketplace.

#4 Mistake: Certainly Keywords Do Not Matter

As a blogger, you really need to know if there is a great demand for the services and products which you would like to offer in your blog and whether there are products and solutions in that niche which you can sell and promote.

#5 Mistake: Money Over Passion

Occasionally it is easy to be carried away by the prospects of creating money from a niche but forgetting the most important part of blogging which is passion.

Having a passion in a niche or being able to study or master the niche is what will drive you to keep your blog interesting to your readers.

Without passion, your blog shall die a natural death and will later join the ranks of the abandoned blog lists.


To conclude, to locate a niche for your blog can be a time-consuming process and errors are bound to happen.

However, there are already niches waiting to be tapped into and can be a good starting point for anybody.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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