Is Bitcoin Worth Still Investing in 2019

Is Bitcoin Worth Still Investing in 2019
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Welcome to the “Investment Era” of Bitcoin.

The big question here is, is Bitcoin Worth Still Investing in 2019?

The answer is “Yes”!

Now is the time to start investing in Bitcoins. Why?

I call this an investment era of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is the first scarce digital object the world has ever seen.

It is scarce like Silver & Gold and can be sent over the internet, radio, satellite, etc.

We can now utilize models to try and track where fair value might be.

And, it looks like Bitcoin would be going much, much higher in the coming years!

Stock to Flow

While the economic utility of a consumable good (ex: Oil) is created when it is destroyed or used up, the utility of investment assets like Bitcoin and Gold lies in their possession and later resale.

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Stock-to-flow Comparison Chart

Spoiler Alert: Bitcoin looks like it will be going much, much higher in the coming years!

Bitcoin has proven to have the highest Stock to Flow of investable assets which shows increasing scarcity.

Dictionaries usually define scarcity as ‘a situation in which something is not easy to find or get’, and ‘a lack of something’.

This scarcity is due to the fact that Bitcoin has unforgettable costliness because it costs a lot of electricity to produce new Bitcoin.

Based on this new Stock to Flow model, Bitcoin fair valuation is currently around $9,000 and is on track to hit $50,000 next year.

If we look further out to 2023, it predicts Bitcoin being valued at more than $100,000 per unit.

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Modeling Bitcoin’s Value with Scarcity Plan B, Modeling Bitcoins Value with Scarcity

Understanding Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow Ratio Understanding Bitcoins Stock to Flow Ratio

To Conclude…

Despite Bitcoin price currently being roughly halfway to its all-time high, it has still managed to grow its network in size and power, indicating that the current market trends are more substantial than in 2017.

Many crypto pundits are suggesting that Bitcoin is currently stabilizing around the $10k-$11k mark before a bull run and that the next big bull run will take Bitcoin price to a new all-time high, breaking the $20k barrier and reaching an expected $40k peak.

The Bitcoin network has also seen transaction fees continue to drop, despite fluctuations in price and volume.

This, combined with the Bitcoin network power growth, means nothing but good things for prospects of further widespread adoption of the coin and will help contribute to future Bitcoin price increases.

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