5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Rocket Your Social Awareness

5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Rocket Your Social Awareness
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Given the fact that Instagram possesses an artful advantage of occupying photo-lovers while it is extremely easy to use, it has been coming the unrivaled socially photo-sharing platform on the planet.

However, as it naturally being saturated as more and more new content creators are acquired, we, the digital marketers/ MMOers often find it tough to stand out the crowd and fight for engagement.

So, I have come up with 5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Rocket your Social Awareness which is very easy to apply.

Instagram marketing tips #1: Partnership with Influencers

Influencer Marketing (IM) is huge on Instagram. If you’re an avid user like I am, you see promoted posts all the time from “taste-makers” with big followings. IM is considered one of the Social Media Trends for 2019 that I have covered (and you may want to read on).

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Instagram marketing tips: Influencers Marketing

To utilize IM on Instagram, you’ll want to do some research into big figures within your industry. Once the partnership has been established, you will be given the power of tapping into your use-to-be-out-of-reach market, while enjoying the bilateral promotion as well as gain more social awareness.

Instagram marketing tips #2: Mastering the Carousel

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Instagram marketing tips: Mastering the Carouse

The “Carousel” feature, which was previously only available to advertisers, now officially goes live on Instagram. Carousel is an underutilized way to spice up your Instagram content calendar. It’s a simple change that allows you to post multiple pieces of media (photos and videos) successively into a single sliding Instagram post.

This feature can be used in many different ways. It’s a perfect vehicle to expose a collection of images that create a narrative for viewers and help us to shout out our stories aloud. All you need is a level of creativity (and a basic photography skill, though).

Instagram marketing tips #3: Create a seamless feed

Probably it’s not for every business, but creating a seamless Instagram feed is a visual spectacle that turns your profile into a beautiful gallery for your followers to enjoy.

A seamless feed is just what it sounds like – managing your series of photos in a way that makes your feed look like one giant scroll-able canvas. And of course, audiences will be impressed by what they have seen.

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Instagram marketing tips: Create a seamless feed – by courtesy of Streamy

The downside is that creating a seamless feed requires more time and effort from you. But it is worth trying, isn’t it?

Instagram marketing tips #4: Broadcast Live (Livestream)

Although having been being widely used, but Instagram Live is still a powerful marketing strategy that you should have as your arsenal.

As video marketing is aggressively rising, live streaming accompanies with the trend and is being proven to be effective for many brands.

Livestream can be conducted for a range of purposes: Q&A session, user education, news updating … and it does a great job in keeping your users engaged, or at least, watching.

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Instagram marketing tips: Broadcast Live (Livestream)

Instagram marketing tips #5: Spread out your Instagram in tandem with Facebook

Rarely a person who owns an account on Instagram but doesn’t have a Facebook account (and vice versa), because Instagram, actually is in the same house with Facebook. Therefore, users are facilitated to synchronize (so to speak) every post that they have made on this platform with the other.

Though users’ tastes and habits might differ over those two, but in this particular event if one stone can kill two birds, why don’t we throw?

You can do this for an individual post, or set it up so all your Instagram Stories shall be automatically published on Facebook in tandem.

  • How to do it for a specific Story:
  1. Start creating a Story, then tap Next
  2. Tap Your Facebook Story
  3. Tap Share
  • How to set up automatic Facebook Story sharing:
  1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap the settings icon in the top-right corner
  2. Tap Story Settings
  3. Toggle on Share Your Story to Facebook


If you’re reading this far, you’ve made it to the end. Hopefully, you’ve found 5 Instagram marketing tips to rocket your social awareness interesting. We wish you a big success in the digital/ MMO field.

Over to you!

Let us know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. The strategies for Instagram marketing you have mentioned in this article are really very helpful and good. All strategies are equally important. You have covered all the concepts and your answers are also easy to understand. Many thanks for this share.

  2. To have a clear and targeted visual strategy on Instagram is the key to standing out and ultimately gaining success! Focus on producing creative, imaginative photos and images, and also on great composition, this will really help you to boost your Instagram performance, and very likely, more than anything else.

    Thanks for the article

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