Influencers Picking for Your Social Media Marketing

Influencers Picking for Your Social Media Marketing
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Debate no more the effectiveness of influencer marketing, since it works perfectly well for branding content over social media that we, the digital marketers/ MMOers wish not to step aside. However, as you may have well experienced, reaching them is not very easy.

In fact, researching them can take days, even weeks, just to pick one at last. So, I have created this article to help you quickly set your criteria, as well as define the ways to collaborate with influencers wisely. Read on to find out..

  1. Set your minimum threshold at 10k followers

Being pro-Instagram, an influencer whose minimum of 10k followers allows you to take advantage of the swipe-up functionality on Instagram Stories, which we have found to be particularly effective for brands seeking an immediate impact, such as traffic to a blog or sales for an affiliated product.

Here’s a cool video which I really like about How to grow your Instagram account in 2019 by Jade Darmawangsa –

A threshold of 10k followers also increases the likelihood that he/ she has established a professional process for working with brands.

Targeting the 10k-100k follower level, which many marketers have called as “micro-influencers”, indeed gives you advantages of easier negotiation and more receptiveness toward custom suggestions, yet delivers a number of reaches and engagements as you expect.

  1. Figure out each influencer’s playground (and also yours)

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Influencer’s playground to understand

Understanding each influencer’s playground and practice can help you get the most out of each collaboration and the bargaining power you do have.

I personally feel, if an influencer has a strong website traffic and a high domain authority, for example, it would be best to request a recommendation (even if you don’t have a website).

Likewise, if they’ve developed a strong Twitter following, you can request they tweet you in (things will be easier should you choose to employ a platform specifically designed to grow and engage your fans on Twitter) .

On the other hand, an influencer may not be willing to create a new blog or Instagram post featuring your brand alone, but they may be very willing to include your brand as part of a multi-brands post around a specific topic, like the Christmas holidays.

This can work for your own favor as each featured brand shares the content across their own channels, introducing the brand to new, relevant audiences.

  1. Experiment with different audiences

One final piece of advice which I would like to you, take part in influencer marketing as the opportunity to experiment with different audiences (which also a ‘good’ risk).

Within each campaign, select one or two new demographics or geographic markets to test, but be sure to diligently track the results of your test against individuals to understand where your biggest opportunities lie.


Whether you are launching a new product or rising social awareness, influencer marketing can be a highly effective way to land exposure with an impact.

By approaching the right influencer with proper strategies, you can avoid the time and expense of unnecessary scanning, while maximizing your return with no hold barred income.

Now, over to you!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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