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How To Immediately Stop Being Average

I personally believe to stop immediately being average you need to get out of your comfort zone right away.

I know this is going to be very hard for all of us, but you can try to do this step-by-step.

You see, we humans are programmed to be lazy and do the same kind of usual tasks on a day-to-day basis and this makes us feel more secure.

Sarcastically speaking, we humans are generally selfish.

Try to visualize yourself and think were you would like to position yourself a few months down the line.

The power of self realization and self visualization has a very strong effect on us humans and this can change our lives in a big way!

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Listening to Morning Motivational Podcasts or watching Motivational

Videos first thing in the morning on YouTube can alter and program our mind to a certain extent.

I would say it helps you to encourage you to push yourself and do something new in life.

To take the extra mile to try something new, like, you want to change your usual habits and alter them with some new habit which will make your life more productive and help you reach your goals to be more successful.

If you look at successful rich people, they always do something new on a day to day basis and they are constantly open to implement new changes in their lives.

That’s what most successful people do!

Going to gym or joining some sort of sports really helps you to sharpen your mind and health and let’s you focus on positiveness.

Sometimes you may get held back to implement new changes or habit in your daily routines, but you need to take that risk and overcome your mental wall which will always tell you to stick with the usual.

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Being average is never good. Always imagine that today you need to compete with yourself and prove yourself wrong.

The element of “I Can, I Will and I Must”- by Eric Thomas, Number One Motivational Speaker.

Being not average makes you feel good and helps you take new initiatives to pursue new challenges in life.

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Hope this helps!

Over to you!

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