Facebook Marketing Hacks 2019 for Massive Engagements

Facebook Marketing Hacks 2019 for Massive Engagements
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5 Facebook Marketing Hacks 2019 for your Massive Engagements.

Reported as the most used social media platform around the world, Facebook obviously is a gold mine for most digital marketers/MMOers to pushingly take a piece of the pie in the social media arena.

However, I strongly feel the challenge for many of the marketers/MMOers is problem of organic reach for advertising their posts/services/brands is falling short and is less productive as it used to be (due to Facebook’s algorithm constantly adapting to the experience of a huge number of increasing users, as well as, forcing us to buy Ads more and more! – (see report below).

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Facebook Marketing hacks: Falling short of Organic Reach

Having studied on how to overcome this matter for the whole while, I have come up with some effective Facebook hacks that may massively earn back your valuable engagement, and promisingly, rocket your profits faster than ever. Read on.

Facebook Marketing Hack #1: Making-up your Headlines with Special Characters

This is out of the ordinary “manual” of using Facebook, but I found it works since my target audience tend to pay more attention to headlines which look different than what they often see, especially when Facebook doesn’t allow use bold fonts, underline or italicize, so ‘special characters’ are one way to differentiate your posts and make certain things stand out.

What I mean is this:


Have we had your attention?





Basically, feel free to have fun with punctuation and use it to grab your audience’s attention, but be wise and only use this hack sparingly, otherwise, all your posts would look similar and there is nothing left called ‘special’.


Facebook Marketing Hack #2: Posting your Best Content Only

This hack is a little more obvious, and an old-school Facebook marketing strategy – though it remains a solid one.

The first step is to get to know your audience – research similar Pages, pay attention to your analytics and understand what it is that your followers like and respond to. Then, you should look to create highly engaging content, before you even try posting any of your statements.

You may wish to have a rundown on my previous post about Social media marketing strategy for 2019

The principle behind this is that since you’ve posted amazing content that your audience loves, the algorithm will look at your Page content more favorably because it will know that you’re already driving significant engagement. Therefore, your next posts will, naturally, be granted greater reach benefits.

Facebook Marketing Hack #3: Excluding a Call-to-Action (CTA)

More often I have observed that marketers like to promote their services on their Facebook page by generating a Call-to-Action (CTA) button in their messages, like “Sign up now…”, or “Learn more…”, “Grab this…”, etc. Yes, logically speaking your audience needs to be told what they need to do. But, hold on, you think so?

If you keep expecting a “Buy now…” CTA would deliver a higher click-through rate, you are dreaming.

Because audiences now aren’t on Facebook just to hear your instructions to purchase something. They expect to be entertained, to socialize and have some fun online. Therefore, naturally, they would keep themselves away from most of the commercial posts smelling like “please Buy it now, else we will go broke”.

So, you can simply choose NO CTA on your Facebook posts? Yes, you don’t have to have one!

Why does it work? Well, because it makes your post look less commercial as possible, and turn your work into a native content as it’s supposed to be. Period!

This is a hidden trend that a few veteran Facebook marketers are employing. And if you are afraid that your audience didn’t understand what you state in your message, chances are, you haven’t written the body text well enough.

Facebook Marketing Hack #4: Trying to post links in the first comment (if you must have one)

This hack will compensate the previous above, in case you wish to redirect your audience to some external domains outside of Facebook.

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Facebook Marketing hacks: Example of posting links in the first comment

Here’s a little background on why this is a good idea? Facebook likes to keep people on its platform. This means that Facebook’s News Feed algorithm doesn’t particularly like posts that take people to an outside website, so any post with an off-platform link could theoretically be penalized, and be shown to fewer people within your audience.

As an alternative approach, you could try creating a longer form caption, then letting your audience know that if they want more information, they can find the link in the first comment on the post.

Facebook Marketing Hack #5: Taking the most out of Messenger Bots

Out of surprise, using chatbots and Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers and keep fans updated is one of the new hot topics in social media trends of 2019.

It even allows you to interact with people who may not like your Page (yet). Powerful, isn’t it?

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Facebook Marketing Hacks: Example of using Messenger Bots

Although chatbots may seem a little daunting to set up, within your Facebook Page messaging option, you can set up instant replies, and lay down scenarios for frequently asked questions, which may save you tons of time working on your business promotion.

Furthermore, Messenger bots can be used for lead nurturing, retaining customers, and sharing your knowledge, depends on your route to approach your hard-earned audiences.

So, we have gone through the 5 Facebook marketing hacks 2019 to win a massive engagement. As you can see, innovation (and adaptions) is the name of the game, even somehow these hacks look abnormal and doubtful.

If you’re looking to dominate your social media marketing reach in 2019 with all-new tips and tricks for marketing on Facebook, then you need to watch this video on Facebook Marketing Hacks 2019 by Carlos Gil –

So, I have gone through the 5 Facebook Marketing Hacks for this 2019 which will allow you to win a massive engagement audience.

As you can see, innovation (and adaptions) is the name of the game, even somehow these hacks look abnormal and doubtful. However, everything is evolving to the higher form of competition that would leave us far behind if our minds remain the same.

More obviously, keep doing the same way while expecting a different result is the most questionable strategy, isn’t it?   

Now, over to you!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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    Facebook is the most powerful platform for digital marketing. Using Facebook you can easily engage people with your brand or business. This article helps to increase peoples engagement on facebook with new strategies.

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