Best Way to Drive Traffic to an Affiliate Site

Best Way to Drive Traffic to an Affiliate Site
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The year 2018 is all about promoting your affiliate brand using social network marketing.

Below are a few of my favorite and cheapest sources to drive traffic to my affiliate link/blog site which I think are the most effective –

Facebook Page Marketing

Create a Facebook page related to your product niche and keep posting quality content posts related to your niche.

The trick is not to SPAM but offer value and engaging posts to your users.

The more engagement you will have on your Facebook page with your users, the more likely they will be keen to know about your affiliate product which you would like to offer.

Now that you have your Facebook Page, I would advise you to go now on a small research mode.

I call this step as Facebook Value Proposition. 

Before you get started, ask yourself, what are we offering to our followers?

Social media should be a conversation.

Aim to engage with your followers and not simply be a broadcaster.

If your posts and content don’t get engagements and attention then you’re doing it wrong. You’re then marketing your Facebook page in a wrong way!

Your Facebook marketing goal is to get at least 1000 likes on your page.

  • Getting 1000 genuine and relevant “Likes” should be your first goal.
  • Once you cross 1000 make strategies to make other goals (e.g. increase website traffic, leads, sales, etc.
  • Once you cross 10,000 focus only on your goals and post reach.

Instagram Marketing

Personally, for me Instagram is a very powerful social media platform to promote your business and your brand.

Now, how about you keep on posting high-quality pictures and redirecting your users to visit your affiliate link by mentioning it on your info. bio page.

Quora Marketing

Become An Authority & Drive Long-Term Website Traffic.

Quora is one of the largest question and answer websites in the world and it’s growing fast!

The beauty of Quora is that every answer you write can bring in traffic for years to come.

When someone “upvotes” your answer, your answer appears in their feed and is visible to all of their followers.

Not to mention, Quora also ranks extremely high in Google search.

Over 68% of Quora’s traffic comes from the search engines thus providing more long-term traffic opportunities for you.


Start A Pinterest Board

This applies especially if your site is more on the crafty, artsy, or visual elements.

Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, head straight over to Pinterest and Pin it over a relevant board.

Let’s say, you publish a blog post about affiliate marketing.

Then you need to make a dedicated board related to Affiliate Marketing and pin your post in that board.

You can create a free Pinterest Pin using free Canva and the best part about Canva is that you get beautiful and trendy Pinterest Template Designs to select.

It’s that simple folk!!

Get SEO Savvy 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that takes a while to work on your site, but once it does you’re kind of set for life.

What SEO does, is that it lifts your site/blog in Google rankings.

Instead of your site being ranked in Google Search page at 520 positions, with a bit of SEO your site can be ranked on page 1, one day.

How cool would that be?

And not just cool, you’ll be viewed as sort of “trusted authority site” since you rank high.

I believe it’s a good notion to learn a bit of SEO from an Udemy Course.

This will help you a lot in future and for life.

But, if you’re a lazy blogger like me and want someone to do SEO work for your site, then head over to SEO Clerk.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for your SEO work, with SEO Clerk you can outsource someone to do SEO for you as low as $10.


Finally, to conclude, I feel if you are consistent with your postings and have a good engagement with your users, you are likely to create a lot of free quality traffic for your affiliate link/site. Hope this helps!!

Over to you!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

And if you liked it, Share it!

All the best,

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