6 Best Ways to Make Money Online

6 Best Ways to Make Money Online
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The Internet provides a range of opportunities for individuals around the world.

Whether you are a man or a ten-year-old girl, you can find ways to make money off the web.

To be honest with you, there are lots of opportunities to make money online, and one has to find the right way as per his skill-set, expertise, experience, and curiosity.

Here on this post, I shall go over 6 Best Ways to Make Money Online.

#1 Infolinks

Infolinks is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. It’s a text ad network.

If you own a blog or a site which has content revolving around any particular niche topic, then you can deliver brand messages to your engaged users using Infolinks.

Infolinks allows you to post their ads on your blog or website.

Now, I know you have probably heard of AdSense since it’s the most popular online advertising network option out there.

However, it is not the online Infolinks is one great alternative, and to top it off, it is the best partner to AdSense since you can run both ads without any repercussions.

Here is an awesome illustrative video on How to Install Infolinks on Your WordPress Blog by Robin Haney –

You have seen content text links to sites in article directories; Infolinks are only in-text advertising.

For me, it’s an excellent source of making money online.

#2 Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program helps you to earn money on the internet.

As an Amazon Affiliate Marketer, you can easily send visitors to your Amazon store or create a shopping section on your site or blog.

In any case, Amazon takes care of your visitors and offers a great commission and a high conversion rate.

Note: Amazon Affiliates also provides you with a Link Builder plugin which you can seamlessly integrate Amazon product links on your WordPress site.

To make it easy for you understand, watch this short video tutorial on How to Create Amazon Affiliate Links on Your WordPress Blog by Lisa Irby –

You may like to go through one of my earlier article posts on Why Amazon Affiliate? Top 4 Benefits of joining an Amazon Affiliate Program.  

#3 Yahoo Merchant Solutions

If you would like to create an internet store and sell your products or services, then you can count on Yahoo Merchant Solutions.

Yahoo Merchant Solutions offer everything you need to build, host, manage, expand and promote your online store.

Note: They offer this service at a cost.

All their plans include services such as Online Store Design, Product/Inventory Management, Merchandising, Promotions, Shopping Cart Check Out, Payment Processing, Order  Management, Marketing and Report Analysis.

Not to mention, they do have a 24-hour phone and email support helpline.

#4 Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is another great source to generate some money and know-how the value of the advertisement section of your blog or website.

This tool is another alternative for Google AdSense.

You see, sometimes advertisers and publishers do not get AdSense approval and with other top ad networks.

So, they turn to small ad networks.

But the problem is with small ad networks CPC is quite low as compared to other big networks. So, they do not make enough money with these ad networks.

When you are looking for an AdSense alternative, it’s always good to learn about these ad networks before you decide to join them.

Bidvertiser is one such ad network that has proved to be reliable and one of the best alternatives to AdSense.

Bidvertiser works on CPC model and offers a good CPC rate for publishers.

With BidVertiser, you will always see the highest bid for your site advertisement space which gives you a chance to earn big.

#5 Blogging

Blogging has become ever more popular in the digital world today.

It’s a great avenue for earning revenue regularly but the thing is, making your blog successful doesn’t come easy because you need to implement the right techniques and strategies to get your blog to be a success.

Here is a cool video on 10 Steps to Make Money Blogging in 2019 by Create and Go –

To be successful in your blogging business, you need to be consistent with publishing high-quality content which your readers would like to read.

If you are serious about earning money with blogging, you may wish to check out my article post on 4 Powerful Steps to Building a 6-Figure Blog.


#6 Commission Junction

Now, Commission Junction a.k.a. CJ is another world-renowned affiliate network provider site which offers all site and site owners with the opportunity to come and join for free.

Commission Junction is an online advertising company owned by ValueClick and operating in the affiliate marketing industry. The company is the largest affiliate network in North America and operates worldwide. Among the top 500 retailers using 3rd party affiliate marketing software, 62% are powered by Commission Junction.

Once you are registered with Commission Junction, you can choose from thousands of merchants and display their ads on your site or blog.

As a publisher with CJ, you will get access to thousands of products with many niches.

Based on performance and terms laid down by retailers, publishers get a good likelihood of making some good commissions online.

CJ Affiliates has recently rolled out with their CJ’s Placement Marketplace program.

So, why did CJ create the Placements Marketplace?

Well, offering paid placements for a flat fee or a commission increase is a common practice within the affiliate channel, yet managing media placements have been time-consuming and a complex process in the past.

Now all these complexities have been simplified with CJ Placements Marketplace.

With this new tool, both publishers and advertisers can develop an easy, end-to-end solution that makes a posting, finding, tracking, paying, and reporting on placements as a simple and straightforward process.

Here is a quick video about the CJ Placements Marketplace Tool –



Now there are several ways to make money online, but the above mentioned are my personal favorites to make money online this 2019.

I am not saying that the above-mentioned platforms will fetch you a huge sum of money. You need to fixate to one and see which one works best for you.

If you are into content writing then blogging is your platform to start with and make money online.

There’s something for everyone out there.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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