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Best Online Course On Digital Marketing

I am taking this course from Udemy called, “The Complete Digital Marketing Course” by Daragh Walsh.

If you are looking to pursue in the field of Digital Marketing and be a professional Affiliate Marketer, then this is your complete digital marketing course.

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The course has more than 19 hours of training and topics include the following (Please note I do not want to go into the details with the course contents as this will not be fair for the Instructor who has designed this valuable course) –

  1. Marketing Fundamentals:

    Here you will be creating a buyer persona & Identify your Unique Selling Proposition. Here you will be creating a foundation for your marketing.

  2. Market Research

    In this section of the course, you will learn how to confirm your business or product idea with a fantastic free online tool like Typeform.

  3. How to Set-Up a Website

    In this section of the course you will learn how to create your very own website in under one hour without needing any technical skills what so ever.

    Daragh Walsh will also guide you on how to set up your own domain name and help you create an awesome website with his done for your web template theme.

    I have included a video on WordPress Tutorial Beginners Step-by-step by Daragh Walsh (the prime aim of this video is about how to set-up a website using the WordPress platform) –

  4. Email Marketing

    You will learn how to get 1000+ Subscribers in under 30 days with proven strategies and marketing tactics.

    A couple of topics being covered here, such as Why list Building is Important, Mail Chimp Installation for your email marketing business, how to integrate Mail Chimp with your website, Google Analytics and more..

  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization A way to get visitors from Google to your website.

    Daragh has designed a 26 point SEO Check List.

    He guides you to complete each of the 26 points checklists and has also provided you resources to help you with the SEO, creating a Technical SEO Checklist, Keyword Research Checklist and On-Page SEO Checklist and building authority around your content.

    Rest assured Daragh has taken all the effort to help you explain clearly about the SEO process and help you complete the 26 SEO Checklist Steps.

  6. YouTube Marketing

    In this section of the course, you will learn how to drive traffic to your website using YouTube Video Marketing.

    Use simple videos to drive traffic and sales for your affiliate marketing products.

    Here Daragh shall teach you how to create “how to” videos that “engage” your buyer persona, focus on video keyword research and SEO optimization, how to build up the audience for your YouTube Video platform and helping your viewers funnel back to your website with incentives and offers and more.

  7. Facebook Marketing

    In this section of the course, Daragh will show you how to easily get 1000+ Likes on your Facebook Page without running any sort of Facebook Ads.

    Harness the power of this proven step by step Facebook Marketing Strategy to grow your Facebook Page without using Facebook Ads.

    Here you will learn how to create an optimized Facebook Page from scratch, create engaging posts and kick-start your page likes using Daragh’s 10 proven strategies.

  8. Google Adwords

    Here you will learn how to transform your traffic and sales overnight using Google Adwords.

    Daragh has created a 10 step process to help you create your first profitable Adwords campaign.

    You will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and save yourself hundreds of dollars, time and frustration.

    Remember: Google is an Advertising Company.

    Their #1 goal is to get you to spend money.

    All the default ad campaign settings are not ideal – so never take Google’s advice!

    And more..

With over 19 hours of training, quizzes and practical steps you can follow – this is the most comprehensive (and best-selling) digital marketing course available on Udemy.

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It’s worth the Buck$$!!

Note: I am not here to advertise this program but am giving you my honest feedback and review after using this course. I have not been paid to write this program review 🙂

Hope this helps!

Over to you!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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