Affiliate Marketing I Definitive Guide for Beginners 2018

Affiliate Marketing I Definitive Guide for Beginners 2018
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Affiliate Marketing is a straightforward method of earning commission by promoting a product on your website or social media page.

In other words, you earn by promoting a company or a person’s product. It’s an easy way to earn passive income. Just sign up for a program, but the links of the product on your site or social media page and watch your income grow from the purchases through your links.

Unfortunately, there are certain creases in the details of Affiliate Marketing that must be ironed out for you to truly appreciate the process and start earning significant income from it.

Here are some pitfalls that you must avoid:

  • Avoid Ponzi schemes for buying expensive coaching from so-called experts who do not know anything;
  • Never buy courses that are seemingly easy but when you read and study them carefully, they turn up to be a complete waste of money and time;
  • Please do not get into training schemes that promise secrets to success and only end up as old ideas that you already know.

Here are 3 Key Things you must understand about Affiliate Marketing


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1. Be Patient for Your Site to Be Ranked On Google

If you have a new website, and you want to put up an affiliate marketing program in it, you must be patient enough to wait for 3 to 6 months for your site to rank in Google.

Google has trust issues, albeit reasonable ones. New domains are first put to the test of being legitimate sites that will gain the trust of audiences by having “good” content and great reviews or link to legitimate sites.

Bottom line is, don’t quit just because your site isn’t moving in the ranking. Focus on continuously working to gain the trust of audiences. Don’t go into the complication of buying into used domains, because branding these sites can be complicated. Get real and continuously improve your website.

2. Link You Site to Other Service Providers:

Create a plan to earn links from other sites or get links from a service provider. Getting links from other sites as an expert to your niche or linking your site to service providers is important to create traction to get your site moving.

Plan your strategy of either getting links or linking to legitimate service providers or both.

3. Start Being More Creative

The most important ingredient in affiliate marketing is knowing what you are good at and enjoy doing. If your creativity is on creating websites, numbers and making incremental changes to get your marketing sites running and earning, then affiliate marketing is for you.

Now if your creativity is on personalized marketing and influencing, then YouTube and other social sites such as Instagram are up to your alley. Use these platforms to promote products and earn income.

Finally, I have included a video by ODI Production on How To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business for FREE
in 2018

Hope this helps!

Over to you!

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