A Unique Approach to Grow Your Affiliate Earnings this 2019

A Unique Approach to Grow Your Affiliate Earnings this 2019
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What makes Affiliate Marketing very Unique?

Affiliate Marketing is a straightforward method of earning commission by promoting a product on your website or social media page.

In other words, you earn by promoting a company or a person’s product. It’s an easy way to earn passive income. Just sign up for a program, put the links of the product on your site or social media page and watch your income grow from the purchases through your links.

Now when it comes to running your own blog, you may like to check out one of my earlier post articles about My 4 Powerful Steps to Building a 6 Figure Blog. Some of these methods require a lot more work from you.

The affiliate marketing equation is very simple:

  1. Select a relevant product to promote
  2. And bring targeted traffic to your affiliate offer

This may sound simple, but trust me, it requires some hard work to it! As a blogger, it’s very important to select the right sort of affiliate offer which you want to promote to your blog. This is where most bloggers fail.

Now coming to point two, it took me some while to understand the game of bringing in targeted traffic to my affiliate offers. I suggest keep experimenting with your traffic methods and the one which works, just stick with that and grow it BIG. It’s never easy to drive targeted traffic that translates to affiliate commissions.

Why be an Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing has proved to be a cost-efficient, measurable method of delivering long-term results. Research points to this method of marketing will be the industry trend.

You don’t have to create the product yourself. You can start promoting by selecting a lucrative niche

So, the big question here is Why Be An Affiliate Marketer?

The Affiliate Marketing business is known to be the fastest-growing and best marketing techniques on the internet.

I have enlisted below a few important reasons which should be taken into account –

  • Free of Cost: Affiliate marketing involves zero investment. Marketing any product online is relatively inexpensive, so the business functioning is cost-effective since it was created by someone else. Also, you don’t need to hire anyone or have an office.
  • No Customer Support: This is not necessary since you aren’t the person who created the products.
  • No Shipping or Storage: This is certainly not your headache because it would be handled by the seller if needed.
  • Passive Income: If you have a normal daytime job, you can continue earning a fixed income. On the other hand, you earn from affiliate marketing steadily and even when you’re not online.

So, What’s My Approach towards Affiliate Marketing?

To help you understand what I mean, let’s check some old-fashioned methods to do affiliate marketing. These are things most of us do and without spending too much considerable amount of traffic, we end with somewhat discouraging end results.

Spending Time Writing Affiliate Product Reviews

For most bloggers, the easiest process for them to make an affiliate sale is to start writing reviews about the affiliate offer which they want to promote on their blog. You simply choose a relevant product and sign up to its affiliate platform. Do some research about the product before writing a strong product review of that affiliate product.

It seems like the more in-depth and compelling review you write about that product, the more eyeballs you shall be receiving from your readers and resulting in a few or more sales. All depending on the conversion rate and the popularity of that affiliate product.

Product review posts with a high conversion rate have three things most bloggers focus on –

  • Product features
  • Product Uses
  • Case studies

And to be honest about it, I have written a few of my affiliate product reviews on some of my earlier blog posts. Like this one, Top 5 Travel Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers 2019. A must-read!!

Promoting Affiliate Banners on Your Blog

This for me is not really an effective method of generating affiliate sales. But, it still makes 10-15% of my affiliate commissions.

Many of you may ask me, do affiliate banners really work?

Yes! Affiliate banners can generate good affiliate income.

Most of the time the readers who visit your blog like to go through your blog article posts and avoid less indulgence on clicking on your display banner ads. This is the situation where your readers unconsciously ignore banner ads on your blog.

These banner ads are generally displayed on your sidebars where they become less targeted. Take, for example, the banner ads which I have displayed on my blog sidebars –

banner ads - A Unique Approach to Grow Your Affiliate Earnings this 2019
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Snapshot of the banners ads being displayed on the sidebars of my blog

Sometimes, I like to test my banner ads analytics by rotating them periodically.

Embedding Affiliate Links in Your Blog Post Articles

This process involves turning keywords in your articles into affiliate links. Most of the time, when I write an interesting article post about a subject, I try to hyperlink certain keywords with the related affiliate links.

affiliate link - A Unique Approach to Grow Your Affiliate Earnings this 2019
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Here, I have embedded an Agoda affiliate link.

Does this Really Work?

Yes, it does if your article gets a good read by a lot of readers.

You may even wish to use your WordPress Plugin that will automatically scan your articles and create the links. But, a note of caution here, if you don’t control the number of links per page, the plugin can go wild and make your articles look really nasty with all those messy affiliate links. A well-designed affiliate marketing link plugin should allow you to tweak some settings to control how it does the conversion exercise.

Promoting Your Affiliate Offers with Email Newsletters to Your Subscribers

We have been told that money is in the list and that rule of saying is true!

Having a good volume of subscribers is good, but more than volume, it’s the targeting what makes the sale.

If you have a huge list of useless subscribers, you may never make any affiliate sales mailing to those lists with your email newsletter affiliate offers. I hope you get the idea?

Email Signatures

I like to use email signatures for my blog branding purposes. I do know that there are many affiliates adding their affiliate links to their email signatures. Of course, some affiliate product owners recommend this method.

So, the above which I have mentioned are the above methods of doing traditional affiliate marketing. For websites with high traffic, it gets easier to place targeted banners on the sidebars and generate sales. But if you want to affect your blogging income positively without the necessary increase in traffic, apply these smart techniques.

My Unique Style of doing Affiliate Marketing

Let’s face it, many readers are coming back to your blog because they trust your content and like what they are reading. At the end of the day, you’re adding value to your blog. There is a say, “Content is King”. They believe you’re a success and that is crucial. If you know this you can use it for your own advantage.

1. Own a Copy of the Vendor Product. and select Relevant Product

Before you start promoting your affiliate offer, it’s better to try it out first hand. At least, you will be in the best position to decide if you really want to go ahead with promoting that affiliate offer.

The reason is that using a product gives you the best level of experience and strong marketing power. It gives you the required amount of facts to share with your audience and drive them near a purchase action.

If you really like the product and know that this is one and better suited for your target audience, then you should directly email the vendor of the product and negotiate with him/her and get a free review copy.

Once you have your own copy, use it to your fullness. Exploit all it’s features and record the results you get from using the product.

2. Always a Good Idea to Showcase Your Results to Your Audience

Now many of you will call this as the bragging stage or a show-off process of marketing your affiliate offers. Why not? Honestly, this is the most legitimate way of proving your audience that the product is really good and that it’s helping you making money in this process. By sharing your results with your audience, you bring them closer to buying the same product.

Always entrust your audience as to how using the product helped you solve your problem and give a solution for you. If you use the product appropriately as I recommended above, you will be able to come up with enough data and information to prove its effectiveness.

3. Provide Your Audience a Customized Video Course and Teach them

Remember, there are many people out there looking to make money online, especially with affiliate marketing. Now that you have showcased your results, it’s time to educate your readers who want the same results as you and would want to copy your methods.

Your audience would like to copy and paste the same process you have implemented to reach the 6-figure mark. That’s how humans function and will keep on doing that in the near future.


I hope by now you have a good understanding on how I like to promote my affiliate offers in a unique fashion.

You have the option to also use the traditional methods of doing affiliate marketing. Both are just fine.

The option is entirely up to you and you may even use a mix of traditional marketing along with my unique approach.

Hope this helps,

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

And if you like it, Share it!


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