10 Mental Failures keep you from Achieving your Yearly Goals

10 Mental Failures keep you from Achieving your Yearly Goals
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Firstly, I would like to wish all my readers a Very Happy New Year 2019. It’s a duly time to review our early 2018 commitments to achieve what we considered the significant goals of the year.

Those goals can be anything that mattered to you the most: to master an instrument, to lose weight, to gain an income from MMO, or to be the most wanted social media influencer, etc. However, as often seen, most of them were eventually disregarded or halfway done; because of our human nature, in fact, is deemed to be lazy and tend to take a shortcut mindlessly.

(See how Brian Tracy addressed this issue)

No sooner had you recalled how determined you were than realizing that the year could end without hitting any of your goals. Disappointed? Well, you are not alone. Though success doesn’t come easy, you may wish you had likely known about these mental failures that keep you from achieving your yearly goals, before you name one.

You fail to lay down your plans

You launched into the year with a loose plan, or even lack of thereof, and had no idea how to fulfill your goals. Of course, your goals were still there as sometimes they flash across your mind, but in this case, a better definition for them should be ‘the wishes’.

To earn thousands of dollars by MMO, and to wish to do so is different, aren’t they?

Without the written-down plan indicating measurable goals and concrete ways to have them done, you may achieve nothing at all at the end of the year. Now is another opportunity. Write out those goals along with a detailed plan of how to accomplish them.

You fail to act, or lack consistency

Most of us know what to do to become successful, but rarely one takes action. So even if a ‘physical’ plan was there, you have been nearly stalling for the rest of the year; the result, therefore, is as miserable as not have a tiny one.

Lack of consistency, likewise, keeps you from moving forward. You start feeling excited about a project, but you lack the drive to see it to completion. Consequently, the outcome is not very promising, either.

Acting on your goals is the only factor that’ll set you apart from those who don’t achieve their dreams.

You don’t think big enough

Achieving your goal may turn out to be a joke if it barely was the ability to ride a bicycle for 5 miles without taking a rest (as you are a ‘fully functional’ adult). So, if solving some 5-grade math doesn’t make you a rocket scientist, why don’t you “shoot for the moon” and even if you miss, you will land at some significant levels of success?

There is nothing wrong when setting goals for 2019 with unlimited possibilities. As Donald Trump often says “Think big and do adequately”, your efforts should match your ambitions. Your goals might be big, but what about the efforts required to bring them to life? Are they equally as big?

You fuss about your goals

Apparently, the more you talk about your goals, the less motivation you must pursue them. Psychologists have found that telling people your goals, especially “identity goals,” maybe a bad idea.

When you tell others what you dream of becoming, they begin seeing you in that light, which decreases your likelihood of putting in the effort to accomplish the goal. Talk less about your goals, and do more to advance them.

You court complacency

Have you heard the saying “complacency is the enemy of progress”? Complacency flourishes when you dwell in your comfort zone. The irrational mind fails to see the dangers of staying in the comfort zone; hence, it does not look for change. But progress has never been made in places of comfort. Commit to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone this year.

You’re a jack of all trades, and try to micro-manage everything

You’ve spread yourself thin because you thought it was wise to try all the business ideas your friends suggested to you. Now, you’re in debt, and you have accomplished nothing. Or you tried to accomplish all the tasks yourself instead of hiring help when needed. This year, limit your goals and stick to them.

At the same effect, micro-managing hardly ever yields good results. It wears everybody out. When your goals require the collective efforts of others, you must trust them to do their jobs.

You do not have a team or are with the wrong company

Although individual goals are very personal, sometimes you do need a team or a company who can advise and support you along the path to achievement.

Remember, you don’t need to be a lonely ascetic monk of your temple and association is one of the most powerful factors of success.

Successful people hang around other successful people, and vice versa. If you’ve consistently missed every goal you have set for yourself, study the people around you. Do they ever accomplish any of their goals, or their failures are acceptable references? It’s better to witness others’ successes and learn from them, as your true daily motivation.

You make comparisons, and overtake people’s opinions

However, comparing yourself to others will kill your happiness, and applying a high level of achievement from a figure may drain the energy you need to function at optimal levels. Draw inspiration from others, but don’t compare yourself to them.

Besides, others think about it shouldn’t matter to you. Others’ opinions are what they are — merely opinions.

You always do in the same way

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.” (Albert Einstein)

If you’ve always done things the same way, it’ll take magic to see different results.

If you failed to achieve a goal last year, why would you do the same thing to try to achieve it this year?

Working harder won’t make a difference if you don’t change the way you approach. Instead, examine what you did last year, and see what you can do differently.

You ignore your physical status

If you put your health aside to pursue your dreams, you will not only burn out before fulfilling them but also perform worse overall. While you pursue your dreams, don’t ignore your physical health. You’re more likely to hit your goals if you maintain a healthy diet and an exercise routine.

Thus far: Again, this is the meaningful moment for us, the unbreakable digital marketers/ MMOers, to review the past performance and promise the future result.

But let not your goals miss the line any longer. Identify the mental failures, stop being average, then respect your own decision. We believe that hard work and heavy commitment result in high achievement.

Once again wishing you a Very Happy New Year 2019.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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