What’s the most Profitable Industry to Start An Affiliate Marketing Blog?

This is a great question. If I were you, I would create a blog catering to the Health & Fitness niche. This is a huge industry and is expanding rapidly in 2018. This particular niche will never slow down and will be probably around forever.

Now the Health Affiliate niche has many sub-category niches, namely, weight loss, gaining weight, building muscle, supplements, diets, healthy eating, workout programs, curing diseases, preventing diseases, remedies and the list goes on.

The list above barely even scratches the surface of this overall niche(s). Plus, think of ALL the hundreds or even thousands of micro-niches underneath each of these. The list pretty much never ends! These tend to make great affiliate marketing niches as there are usually a ton of different products in each category that are very popular and typically provide affiliate programs so you can promote them to earn money.

You can virtually and easily make tons of money with the Health Affiliate niche and the opportunities are virtually endless. Another great thing about this industry is that, even though it’s super popular, there are still a lot of untapped niche markets in it due to the fact that new things are coming out all the time. Also, in many cases, you will actually be helping people so there’s an added bonus of feeling good about what you are promoting.

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