How Difficult is it to Start Affiliate Marketing?

To answer your question, “yes” it is difficult to get started with affiliate marketing. It takes time and hardwork. However, starting an Affiliate Marketing website is not that difficult. Many newbie affiliates make the horrible mistake of marketing their affiliate products with a wrong strategy. I personally feel having the right strategy is the key tool for affiliate marketing success. You should be willing to try different experimentation and see what strategy suits you the best.

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It’s sad to see most people will quit in a matter of 2-3 months. The whole framework of Affiliate Marketing is very clear. You as an affiliate will be promoting other people’s products/services relevant to your target audience needs and for every sale you make, you will earn a commission.

I would highly recommend you to take a short affiliate marketing course to help you understand the Do’s and Dont’s as a newbie affiliate and how you can transform yourself into a Super Affiliate.

But be mindful and careful of courses that will sell you silly things like: how to become an affiliate millionaire fast, make your first $100 today, stuffs like that..

The 3 key factors of becoming successful in Affiliate Marketing are –

  • Set achievable goals
  • Stick to what you know – you will need to write content, ad copy, emails, etc…so if you know what you’re selling, you’ll have a better chance to succeed
  • Acquire some technical knowledge. These days, nothing can be done without technology. I am not saying you need to be a top programmer or an IT whiz kid, but you need to know how things work.

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