Can I Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

The answer is, “YES”! You can earn a steady passive income with Affiliate Marketing. You can start off with Clickbank. It’s free to join! Clickbank is one of most popular affiliate sites out there, but it can also be competitive for a newbie. They have a ton of different things to choose from & I recommend giving them a look. Another site I’m sure you know of is Amazon. Their affiliate program (Amazon associates) literally has millions of products to choose from. Amazon is great because of their selection, but they don’t pay as high of commissions. I do recommend partnering with them because anytime you review a book or want to share a mainstream product with your audience, more than likely they have it in their affiliate program, so why not make a little extra cash for something you’re already recommending anyway.

However, if you really want to make it big with affiliate marketing, you may like to promote High Ticket Affiliate Programs. If you want to make big commissions and scale your business faster, then this is where partnering with a high ticket affiliate program would come into play.

These types of programs are made for serious entrepreneurs and usually have benefits that an affiliate marketplace doesn’t have. Here’re some things to look for in a good high ticket program:

  • It provides 1-on-1 coaching
  • It provides step-by-step training to learn how to promote high ticket products that earn up to $15,000 dollars per sale
  • It has done-for-you capture pages and funnels that are proven to convert
  • It allows you to keep your customers so you get paid on every purchase, not just the first.

One of the biggest advantages of a good high ticket affiliate program is unlike sites like Amazon, you will earn commissions for sales made for the life of the customer.

For example, If you decided to promote a product from Amazon on your website, and someone purchased a product through your affiliate link, you make a commission. You will also get paid on any purchase made on the platform from that customer within the next 24 hours.

A good high ticket program, however, will continue to pay you over and over again for sales made in the future.

This is the secret and power of a good high ticket program.

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